Discounted Tablets for Low Income Families: For School, for Work, for Life

Tablets have become an important part of our daily lives. They help us stay connected to work, school, medical services, and our social networks. But they can be expensive, and many low-income families can’t afford them. That’s why some companies are offering free or discounted tablets to qualifying families. Here’s what you need to know to access these benefits.

Helping Bridge the Digital Divide

In the age of COVID-19, access to the internet and technology has become even more important. Unfortunately, access to these vital tools is often not available to some people due to socio-economic reasons. Low-income families would benefit from having access to tablets that are either free or available at an affordable price. This would help bridge the digital divide between those with and without access to the internet. Providing low-income families with a tablet for each of their households would give them access to education, employment opportunities, medical services, and health-related information that could potentially save lives. It is more important now than ever before, in this tech-driven society, that access is made affordable and equitable.

Affordable Internet Access and Discounted Tablets

Low-income families and individuals with incomes that are below a certain level (as determined by their country, region’s government or other authority figures) often have difficulty accessing necessary online resources that would help keep them connected to schools, education, employment, medical services, and family and friends. Fortunately, there is the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) that provides those who qualify with discounted tablets for just $10.01.* The program is specifically designed for those who cannot afford expensive options such as laptops or iPads due to financial difficulty and/or lack of credit. The program was created to help bridge the gap in technological access between low income households and others that have more economic means. It offers households that qualify for the program with access to the resources they need. It also provides them with online entertainment without having to worry about the cost. 

Exploring Other Programs To Help Low-Income Families and Individuals Access Affordable Technology 

Aside from ACP, there are several other programs available that offer assistance for low-income families and individuals to help them obtain free phone or internet service. Some programs also offer a computer, tablet, or smartphone at little or no cost depending on individual needs/qualifications. Computers With Causes, InterConnection, and Computers For Learning (CFL) are three programs that provide resources for free or at a discount. They also offer hardware donations that can help those experiencing financial difficulty to stay connected while building their digital literacy skills at an affordable cost. Purchasing these items separately out of pocket in retail stores or online shopping websites may not be financially feasible for many low-income households.

The Computers with Causes program offers gifted computer equipment including tablets to individuals and families in difficult situations. Its mission is to offer free tablets or computers for the educational needs of students. In addition, they provide disabled veterans with internet access everywhere they go!

InterConnection is a charitable group that refurbishes used devices and sells them at cost-effective prices. Their regular online store offers great deals. (powered by InterConnection) provides budget shoppers with even more savings. Plus, they offer a one-year product warranty. Inventory changes rapidly so keep an eye out for tablet bargains.

Computers for Learning (CFL) specifically offers donated excess federal computer equipment to schools and educational non-profits under Executive Order 12999 – Educational Technology: Ensuring Opportunity for All Children in the Next Century.

Get a Tablet for $10.01*

Low income families and individuals need not worry about breaking their bank accounts just so they can keep up with the times digitally! There are several programs available today that can help bridge the gap for those living paycheck-to-paycheck financially. enTouch Wireless offers free internet access and a new 8” tablet for $10.01* through ACP. See if enTouch offers service in your state.

* Plus taxes and fees where applicable.