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enTouch Wireless is dedicated to helping those who need it most. Through our partnerships we are helping organizations across the country do more for their communities.

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Here’s How We Can Help You


Do you need a new, interesting way to raise funds for your organization, school, or church? Partner with enTouch Wireless to offer affordable cell phone service to donors and we’ll give your organization $10 for every successful application.

Community Outreach

Do you work with low-income communities? enTouch Wireless is America’s Premier 4G LTE Network. We can offer affordable service to your clients. We even participate in the Lifeline program, offering FREE service to those who qualify. For every successful online application from your organization we’ll give you $10.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do we track how many people sign up?

When you share from the app a unique URL tracks how many of your referrals sign up. All you need to do is log in to the app to see how much money you’ve made!

2) How many people can we refer?

Feel free to refer as many people as you like! There is no limit.

3) When will we start seeing money in our account?

Your referral rewards will appear as “pending earnings” as soon as a referral signs up. Once their application is approved and they activate a device on our network your rewards become available in your “current balance”. This usually takes about 30 days.

4) How can we access our current balance?

You can transfer your earnings directly to your organization’s checking or savings account or sign up for an American Express Serve debit card in our app.

5) Do in-person referrals count?

No, this program is online only. Your referrals have to use your referral link to sign up in order for you to earn a reward.