Applying for Lifeline

It’s easy to apply for Lifeline cell phone service through enTouch Wireless and Lifeline! Simply follow the instructions below. But if you need us, we’re here! We have a Lifeline concierge who can step you through this process at any point: 1-866-488-8719

Staffed Hours:
8am – 10pm (CST) M-F; 8am – 8pm (CST) Sat; 10am – 7pm (CST) Sun

Here’s what you need to apply:

1) Government Issued Photo ID or driver’s license.

2) An Eligibility Document.


  • – Documents must be dated within 12 months of application date.
  • – Must Be your documents.
  • – Must show your name or your dependent’s name.
  • – Your name and address must match your state-issued photo ID, or your application will be turned down.

 Your privacy is important to us.

You will be able to submit these documents as part of your application. Rest easy because your documents are always 100% protected under our Privacy Policy.

Apply to Lifeline

Get Us Your Documents By

How To Upload Documents

1) Take a picture of, or scan, each document

2) Save as a JPG on this computer or on a removable drive
– Example C:\Pictures\ Photo ID (Your Name).jpg
– Example C:\Pictures\ Elig Doc (Your Name).jpg

3) You will be asked to ATTACH document files during application

How To Email Documents

1) Scan the documents as a PDF file or save them as a jpg image.
2) Save or name the document ‘Lifeline Docs (Your name)’
3) Email the documents to:
Subject: Application Processing
Body of Email: Include Name, Date of Birth, City and State

How To Text Documents

(319) 389 9162

1) Take a picture of each document with your phone, making sure they are legible before sending.
2) Create a text message to (319) 389-9162
3) Choose photo(s) of documents in text box
4) Send text

How To Fax Documents

FAX: (319) 743-1293

1) Create cover letter as needed including Name, Date of Birth, City and State
2) Load documents correctly according to fax machine
3) Fax documents to (319) 743-1293